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Build your own virtual community with your own social network platform.

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Create a community site for your institution, your own corporate social network, a public/private network for your special interest groups with all of the typical features you’d expect from an online social media platform. Members may build user profiles, conduct private conversations, develop social connections, create and participate in groups, and more.

Build an online community with an exceptional social network

Bring your website to life with your own community

Build an online community, sell physical or digital products, all in one place with an exceptional social network. Your target audience can discuss and comment on your services and products and get immediate assistance if they face any issues.

Keep your community engaged

Create social groups, member albums, support for events. With gamification enabled, people are motivated to be active on your social network. They earn points, awards, and ranks.

Keep your community engaged with gamification
Create memberships or subscriptions for everything

Memberships & subscriptions

You can monetize your social networking website. Create memberships or subscriptions for everything. Setup is straightforward, and selling is much easier and quicker. Sell pdf, eBooks, or online courses without any headaches.

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