High Performance WordPress Server Setup


Designed to handle high traffic websites. We will install and configure the latest and most advanced technology in the hosting industry to achieve the highest page loading speed possible for your site. We will also deliver with this setup, a fully enhanced server security and malware protection, a backup strategy plan, a high availability or fault tolerant setup that fit your needs.

SKU: srv200


This state of the art hosting platform can be installed on a large variety of VPS, dedicated server or cloud providers running Linux. It includes all the latest security enhancements. It is designed to handle large traffic for any websites. We can integrate this high performance hosting platform into a cloud infrastructure designed to achieve high availability and high scalability. This setup is crafted around WordPress, and build with the following:

  • Nginx webserver with fastCGI cache and HTTP2 push enabled
  • Brotli compression
  • MariaDb database engine
  • Php-FPM 7+ with OpCache enabled
  • Redis in-memory object cache
  • Outgoing Email with DKIM, SPF and DMARC
  • WordPress and WP CLI
  • Fail2ban
  • Logwatch
  • Malware scanner (Rootkit Hunter, Clamav, Chkrootkit)
  • Scalability Setup (Cloud)
  • High Availablity or Fault Tolerent Setup (Cloud)
  • Backup & Recovery Plan
  • Disaster & Recovery Plan
  • One month of technical support included
  • WordPress site migration to your new server included


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