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Mustang Barbers


Mustang Barbers is a family-owned and operated barbershop for three generations.

The best classic barbershop experience in Dallas, TX.

As a business without a website, they wanted to establish an online presence to attract more customers and showcase their services.


Mustang Barbers contracted us to create a website that would not only meet their business goals but also embody the spirit of their family-oriented barbershop.


We designed a website that reflected Mustang Barbers brand identity and highlighted their services, including men’s haircuts, beard grooming, and shaves. The website also featured a gallery of their shop, team, and customers to create a sense of community and trust. We included an easy-to-use booking functionality and prominent calls-to-action.


The website enabled customers to easily book appointments and find information about the shop. As a result, Mustang Barbers has seen a significant increase in their customer base and revenue.

It’s been a pleasure!

I like how things are looking for the website! You got everyone matched up with their names and photos perfectly.
Thank you.

We are here to help.

KAMINOWEB brought Mustang Barbers into the digital age by creating a website that showcased their brand and services, while providing a user-friendly experience for their customers.

By designing a website that captured the essence of their family-oriented barbershop, we were able to create a sense of community and trust. The easy-to-use booking functionality attracted new customers and increased revenue.

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